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Temple and Forehead Augmentation 
by Dr. Lih-Ren Jong


Fat inside the temple is connected with the fat in cheek region.  When aging, the fat will be atrophic. So that sunken cheek associated with sunken temple will be noticed.  Below left showed the beautiful and fuller temple and forehead of a star.  Below right showed the appearance of sunken temple in old woman.  Her soft tissue in temple and forehead is atrophic, so that the bony structure of forehead and temple is clearly been seen.

There are two ways to augment temple.

  1. Fat injection: The fat is taken from thigh or abdomen through a tiny wound (0.2 cm).  The harvested fat is processed to select good fat particles.  The selected fat is put into syringe and injected into the atrophic parts.  Although some portion of injected fat will be absorbed, the survival fat usually can last for more than years.  Second section of fat injection may be needed if fuller temple and forehead is expected after first section of fat injection. 
  2. Silicone impantation: For cases with thin body fat and severe sunken temple, the other option is to insert silicone implant into temple.  Wounds (3 cm in length) will make inside the temple hairs.  According to the severity of depression, different thickness of implants can be choosed to augment temple.

Above right picture revealed the result of fat injection into temples on two years after fat injection.

Above right picture showed the result of temple augmentation with silicone implant. 

Fat is also a good material to augment forehead.  It is effective to correct irregularity of forehead and prominent eyebrow bone.  Below right pictures showed the result of fat injection to augment forehead and temple.  After surgery, temple and forehead is fuller and smoother.

Below right pictures showed the other cases of fat injection to augment forehead and temple.  A long wound will be needed to insert silicone implant to augment forehead, so that the procedure is usually not recommended.

Fillers, such as hyaluronic acid or Radiesse or Sculptra, is another choose to fill up minor depressions in forehead or temple.  But fillers last about 1-2 years.

  • 1. Only take painkillers (white pills, with the same ingredients as Puna Pain 500mg, no stomach damage) for wound pain, one capsule at a time, one capsule every 4-6 hours.

    2. Surgery) and cosmetic gel (fat-filling site). The tape at the grease removal site is very sticky, and the removal should be gentle (otherwise, the fragile epidermis will be removed). Liposuction wounds can be coated with the advantages of OK bandage or waterproof stickers. Try to keep the wounds in the liposuction area dry, and change the OK band after taking a shower. The wounds are all tightly closed, you can stick cosmetic glue to take care of scars.

    3. The first three days after the operation, you can use the ice pack to reduce the swelling and relieve the pain. The third day can be hot compress to improve the swelling and bruise.

    * If there is fat supplement on the forehead, do not apply ice or hot compress on the forehead, so as not to squeeze the fat on the forehead to cause fat shift.

    * Lipid supplements are located at the temples. When chewing after surgery, the temples will temporarily hurt.
    4. Don't do face or massage within one month of fat supplement (may affect fat survival).

    5. When there is fat preservation, if necessary, make an appointment to return to the clinic for fat supplement within one month.
    6. Leotards can be worn without tights (because of a small amount of liposuction). If tights are worn, they can reduce edema and bruises.

    7. If you have any questions about post-operative care, please contact us as soon as possible.

    8. Part of the fat will be absorbed, and it will take three months to stabilize as soon as possible. Please return to the clinic for inspection three months after the operation.

  • Q: I want to know if Feng will be found after finishing his temples? Because I do n’t want my family to know. Is there usually more than one injection? I am 25 years old, can I use my own fat to enrich my earlobes? I have pierced ears, will the fat from the earlobe be absorbed?
    A: Fengyang Temple can be roughly divided into two methods, one is implanted with silicone model, and the other is injected with autologous fat. If the latter operation is performed, it will be less likely to be discovered, but because the fat will be partially absorbed, it may be necessary Make up the second fat. It is also a method to supplement the earlobe with autologous fat, but because of the less survival of the fat supplemented in the earlobe, multiple injections are required to see results.

    Q: How long does it take to implant the silicone model? Will it be swollen after the operation? How long does it take to go out to meet someone? Are there any sequelae? Will your bones grow together at last? Or will a model feel strange at the temple? Will the collision shift?
    A: If Fengyang Temple is implanted with silicone, the operation time is about one hour. Due to the operation, there will be swelling in the first three days around the temple and the eyes. The swelling will begin on the fourth day, one to two weeks later It ’s natural. This operation rarely has sequelae. The silicone will not fuse with the body, it will be surrounded by the body after one to two weeks, and will not move anymore. No patient feels weird after the operation.

    Q: Is it necessary to make two incisions if a silicone implant is placed on each side of the temple?
    A: Silicone model Feng Temple is used. The incision is made behind the temple hairline (hidden in the hair) during the operation. After creating a space under the temple's sarcolemma, place the silicone gel to complete. Put a silicone on one side, so there is a small cut on each side. It is suitable for patients whose temples are sunken, and there is not much body fat (not suitable for self-fat temples).

    Q: Because my forehead is full of concave, can I pad with silicone?
    A: You can use silicone for fat forehead or beat your own fat, depending on how much you need to add; the latter can be used for small amounts, and the former can be considered for large amounts. The latter can be done with an injection, but the silicone must be cut and the back of the hairline must be cut to put the solid silicone into the forehead.

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