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There are five important facial projections: forehead, two zygoma, nose and chin. Teeth look protruded with retracted chin (above 1, 3, 4 cases).  Face shape become square when one is getting old because of the jowl formation (above second case).  Chin augmentation with silicone implantation can increase chin projection or elongate face in aged patients.  The wound was made in the mouth.

Chin augmentation can be performed at the same time as agumentation rhinoplasty.  Face porfile improves a lot after both surgery, as cases showed below.

Fillers, such as hyaluronic acid or Radiesse, is another option to augment chin, but the effect is temporary.
Radiesse is a harder material than hyaluronic acid, so that it is a better filler to be injected on chin.

  • 1. Take one packet of medicine (including one antibiotic and one pain reliever) after three meals and before bedtime.

    2. Please rinse your mouth after eating the week before the operation.

    3. The tape attached to the chin can be removed after 72 hours of operation.

    4. Ice compress can reduce edema in the first three days after surgery. If you have bruises, change the hot compress to relieve bruises after three days.

    5. Please do not open your mouth wide for the first two weeks after the operation to avoid silicone shift.

  • Q: I would like to ask if the chin pad makes the lower lip feel a little valgus? Decree lines look more obvious? Can I redo the operation if I am not satisfied? Is the risk high?
    A: Long chin won't let the lips turn out, and will not deepen the decrees. The risk of surgery is small. If you are not satisfied, you can change the chin model.

    Q: I heard that after implanting the prosthesis, you can see the natural chin when you look at it from the front, but there is an obvious object from the bottom. Moreover, the prosthesis itself wears out for a long time, and at the same time it will also wear a certain amount on the bones it contacts.
    A: There are some tricks to pay attention to when you put the chin on the silicone. You can avoid the situation where the silicone is seen. Silicone will not wear, but the jawbone under the silicone will be pressed by the silicone to some extent, causing small depressions in the bones, but the appearance is not visible.

    Q: I am still correcting my teeth (with braces), can I pad my chin now? Would it be better to wait for the braces to be removed? Is the wound in the mouth?
    A: It is recommended to remove the braces and then pad your chin. The wound is in the mouth.

    Q: May I ask if my chin is retracted and I have double chins? Will I still have double chins if my chin is padded?
    A: The problem of double chin is often caused by fat accumulation (need liposuction), double chin will be improved after padding

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