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In modern esthetic view, oval face is a preferred face profile.  The lower facial profile in front view is determined by bony structure (lower jaw, or mandible) and masseter muscle which is attached on lateral side of lower jaw.

There are two ways of treating square face.  One is bone surgery, which shaves the mandible angle.  The other is Botox injection to masseter muscle to shrink the thickness of masseter.  Below right show the result of mandible angle reduction.


Botox injection is a less invasive way to slim face.  Botox can reduce the thickness of masseter muscle.  The thicker the masseter muscle, the higher the dose.  The effect of slimming face is more obvious in people with thick muscle.  But the effect lasts about 6 months.  Below show the location of masseter and the result after Botox injection (below right is after injection) .

Bone surgery can correct people with prominent zygoma.  The other way is fat injection into depressed cheek or temple.  It is less injection and less risky.  Below show the result of fat injection.

  • Q: I feel that my brow bones around Yintang are too convex. I want to lower it and make it flat. I feel softer. I heard that many nerves pass there. Will it return to normal after some time? Is this a bone grinding or what kind of surgery?
    A: If you think your brow bone is too protruding, you can consider osteotomy. Anatomically, the medial brow bone is empty, the bone is thin, and inside is the cavity (frontal sinus). The lateral brow bone is solid and can be used for osteotomy. Some nerves will pass through the brow bone, and there may be some numbness (temporary) after the operation. Raising the nose is another consideration, it can balance the protrusion of the brow bone. Hitting the depression with autologous fat also has the effect of modifying the brow bone.

    Q: I am a boy with a protruding part of the brow bone near the eye. May I ask the doctor if it feels smoother after the bone grinding operation on this part?
    A: The protrusion of this part is often caused by the frontal sinus (the cavity under the thin bone). This part cannot be used for osteotomy. It may also be caused by the frown muscles being too developed, which can be used to reduce the muscle contraction.

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