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Breast augmentation with silicone bag implant is one of the common practice in esthetic surgery.  In Oriental countries, the incision is usually made in axillary region.  So that scar usually looks like crease in axilla. 

Implant bag is made of solid silicone.  The surface of bags can be classified into smooth and textured.  The content of bag can be normal saline (N/S) filled or silicone gel filled.  So that there are four kinds of breast implants: smooth N/S bag, textured N/S bag, smooth silicone gel-filled implant and textured silicone gel-filled implants.  Below left is the appearance of these implants.  Below right shows the close view of smooth and textured implants.  The surface of textured implant looks like sand paper. 


How to choose the implant before augmentation surgery?

Silicone is a material which has been used on breast for more than five decades.  It is a stable and non-toxic.  However it is a foreign body.  The natural reaction of human body to foreign material is formation of a capsule to surround the foreign body.  The capsule could be thin or thick.  Breast is soft feeling after augmentation surgery when capsule is thin.  But breast is hard feeling when thick capsule is formed and contracted (medical term is "capsule contracture") in some women after augmentation surgery.

Design of  textured implant is to decrease the capsule contracture rate, showed in some medical studies.  It is recommend to message breast for six months after implantation with smooth implant (to decrease contracture rate).  Tissue can grow into the rough surface of textured implant, so that message is not needed.  The negative sides of textured implant are: (1) Textured implant is stuck with the surrounding tissue.  Implant flow (implant shift to dependent side when position change)  is not so good as smooth implant.   (2) Textured implant is thicker than smooth implant.  Implant could be palpable if breast tissue is thin.  Textured implant is suitable for women with bigger breast before surgery, such as B-cup.

Silicone gel-filled implant has been banned and re-opened because medical studies showed there is no relation between gel-filled implant and the occurrence of auto-immune diseases.  New-generation of silicone-gel implant is more cohesive than before.  So that silicone gel would not flow around if implant bag is rupture.  The advantage of silicone gel-filled implant is that it is soft than N/S bag.  As showed in below pictures, wrinkle of N/S bag is sharper than silicone gel-filled implant.  Gel-filled implant is less palpable.  Gel-filled implant is recommended for women with flat chest.


In Lih-Ren clinic, we use the same air clean system as hospital to prevent infection.  We also have endoscopic system.  Under cooperation of anesthesiologist and plastic surgeon, breast augmentation is a safe and effective method to upgrade your breasts.

  • 1. Take one pack of drugs after three meals and before going to bed. (For three days)

    2. If it is very painful, please take one strong analgesic after a meal. You can take two tables of strong analgesic before going to bed and take it with the other drugs in the pack. 

    3. Before the first return visit, the gauze on both sides of the armpit does not need to be replaced. When taking a bath, keep the wound dry.
    ※ Do not pull the drainage tube, and keep the drainage ball in a flat state and record the drainage flow.

    4. Before returning for the first time, please follow the doctor's instructions to use the chest strap to prevent breast displacement.

    5. Timing of wearing a bra- according to the doctor's instructions.

    6. If there is bruising near the wound and chest area, it will absorb itself within two weeks.

    7. If there is no discomfort after the operation, you can resume eating. If there is nausea and vomiting after surgery, it usually only occurs on the day after surgery and it is appropriate to eat a little bit at this time.


  • Q: What is the situation of breast swelling during pregnancy after breast augmentation? Is it true that it is very painful? Will my breasts sag after delivery?
    A: In the past, the patients who had breast augmentation and gave birth returned to the clinic. They did not say that the swelling during pregnancy would hurt. One of the treatments for sagging after delivery is breast augmentation It means that patients with breast augmentation will have less chance of sagging after delivery.

    Q: I read from the newspaper that in addition to breast augmentation under the muscles and breasts, there is also breast augmentation under the fascia. I heard that it is less painful and natural!
    A: Under the fascia, breast augmentation is less painful than under the muscle.  But in order to have good result from breast augmentation, it is important to have enough tissue to cover the breast implants. If you are a patient with an underdeveloped breasts and a very thin skin, the shape of the breast implants will be very clearly seen when the implants are placed under the fascia. Breast augmentation under the muscle is more painful, but there are several methods to alleviate your postoperative discomfort.

    Q: Can I still breastfeed after breast augmentation? Will it affect the result or my baby?
    A: After breast augmentation, you can breastfeed normally without affecting result or your baby.

    Q: Is there a surgical method for breast augmentation from the navel? Is it safe? My B cup is too small, the C cup is too big, and the left is small and the right is big. What kind of breast implants should I use? Some friends said that a kind of silicone implants seems to have existed in Taiwan. Is it safe? It usually takes a long time for the scars on my wounds to disappear. Is it suitable for breast augmentation surgery?
    A: The most important thing is to position the breast implants in correct position. There are several options for the location of the wound (including the navel). The surgeon will choose his most experienced method. Accessory breasts can be treated at the same time. People who are prone to scars can also undergo breast augmentation, but the scars may take time to fade. 

    Q: Can I choose the cup size after breast augmentation? Will it get smaller and smaller if I get older? If breasts are hit, implants may be broken. Is it true? Will there be scars? Are there any sequelae? Will it hurt after the operation? What is the care after the operation?
    A: The size of breast implants for breast augmentation will depend on the patient's chest shape, expectations and other factors. When women get older, the breast tissue usually gets atrophic and thinner. The chance of implant rupture is low, but you should avoid be hit on your breasts. Most patients' wounds are made under the armpits, and they are not obvious after healing. Due to the advancement of medicine, there is not much pain after the operation or uncomfortable on the first two to three days . Massage is usually required after the operation (we will teach you how to massage).

    Q: A clinic informed that after the operation, it is better to take vitamin E or other contracture prevention drugs for three months. What is your opinion?
    A: There may be a little help in taking these medicines, but generally I will suggest that massage is more important.

    Q: What should I do if I already have a capsular contracture, so that my breasts are hard? Will steroids soften it?
    A: There are different degrees of capsular contracture, and the treatment method will be related to the degree of capsular contracture. For severe contracture revision surgery is needed. Steroid injection is not method of choose and not recommended because needle may hit breast implant.

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