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Breast Augmentation with Fat Injection

Most of plastic surgeons did not recommend fat injection into breast for augmentation several years ago.  They concerned that it would be difficult to differentiate with breast cancer if masses were palpable or calcified spots were noted in mammography after fat injection into breast.  In recent years, fat injection becomes kind of fashion in Taiwan and the other countries.  Many medical studies of the pros and cons of fat injection were reported.  Many studies also focus on the usage of stem cells from liposuction fat. 

The pros of fat injection are:

  1. No foreign body is implanted.  No risk of capsular contracture which is associated with silicone bag implantation.  When capsular contracture occurs, breasts are hard and look ball shape. 
  2. Scar is minimal.
  3. Body sculpture can be achieved at the same time.

The cons are:

  1. Some proportion of injected fat will be absorbed.  To avoid complication after fat injection, it is recommended not to inject too much fat in one section.  So that ,several section of fat injection is needed to achieve two cups of breast enlargement.
  2. Complications associated with fat injection are: palpable mass, cysts noted under ultrasound, calcified spots in mammography.  By advanced image study, calcified spots associated with fat injection can be differentiated from calcified spots caused by breast cancer. 

For safety, 100 -200 cc of fat can be injected into one side of breasts in one section depending on preoperative thickness of breast tissue.

The lower pictures showed the sequence change of fat injection into breasts.  Upper left is before picture.  Upper right is picture of fat injection (240cc in total) on two months after surgery.  Lower left is picture of second section of fat injection (350 cc in total) on one week after surgery.  Lower right is picture taken two years after second section.  Her cups are up to C-cups.



Lower pictures showed the difference in shape of breasts after implantation and fat injection.  She underwent silicone bag (250 cc bag) implantation before.  She dislikes the foreign body in her body although the result is optimal.  She decided to have the implanted removed and shifted to fat injection procedure.  Upper rows are the pictures after implantation.  Lower rows are pictures after implant removal and several sections of fat injection.

Breasts are more projected after implantation.  The curvature after fat injection is smoother.  Most of result after implantation is not so good as her, but most of result after fat injection can be as good as her.

Upper : after silicone bag implantation.

Upper: after implant removal and fat injection.

To harvest fat, her body is slimmer than before.

Left: Before liposuction.  Right: Afte liposuction.

  • Q: I heard that fat is good or bad, and the fat taken from thighs will survive higher than fat from the other parts. Is it true? Is there a way to change my breasts from small B to small C by one section of fat transfer? When I touch my post-operation breasts, the feeling is the same as real breasts ?
    A: There was no study to show the better places to harvest fat. In order to have a better survival and prevent complication, the amount of fat injected on the side of breast is about 100-200cc at one section of treatment Because part of the fat will be absorbed, one section of fat injection may upgrade about half a cup. The breasts after fat transfer feel natural as real breasts. 
    Q: My breasts is not small but sagged after delivery. Do fat transfer improve my sagging? Presently my breasts is big D. I want to use the fat from thighs and abdomen. 
    A: One of the treatment methods for sagging breasts is breast augmentation, which can be done with fat transfer. The advantage is that small incisions are made. But if the sagging is severe, excision of breast skin and associated scar is unavoidable. 

    Q: Will the fat get fat if it is absorbed?
    A: The commonly known fat is absorbed. In histology, it should be said that the fat cells placed on the chest become smaller, so the fat with the same cell number becomes smaller because the cells become smaller and the total volume becomes smaller. It is commonly known as absorbed. There won't be situations that make you fat.
  • 1. Take one pack of drugs (painkiller and antibiotic) after meals and before sleep. 
    2. Wipe the body on the day of the operation. If the pads which covered the wounds on liposuction area is wet , change the wet pad with sanitary pad. You can remove the gauze and pad on the next day. Then cover the wounds with OK band. When wounds are healed, tape on the scars. 
    3. You can ice packing on the treated area to reduce swelling and discomfort in first three days. Warm pack to reduce swelling and bruise on 3rd day later.
    4. There is no need to massage the breasts. Message may affect the survival of fat. You can wear bras with wire on 6 months after operation.
    5. Wearing compression garment on liposuction sites can reduce edema and bruising.
    6. Part of the fat will be absorbed, and it will take at least three months to stabilize. Please return to clinic for follow-up examination then. 


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