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Body fat can be classified into two sections.  One is superficial fat (label 2 in above picture).  Superficial fat is located under skin in whole body.  The other is deep fat (label 4 in above picture) which is located in some specific portion.  Green areas in below picture marked the location of deep fats in female.  Superficial fat can be thinner by body weight loss.  The most effective way to thinner deep fat is liposuction surgery.

Liposuction, aslo known as lipoplasty, liposculpture suction lipectomy or simply lipo, is a cosmetic procedure that removes fat on human body.

Below pictures showed the procedure of liposuction.  Through tiny wounds, liposuction cannula (a hollow tube) is inserted into fat layer.  Aspirator (suction device) provide negative pressure which sucks out fat (below left picture).  Before liposuction, a lot of fluid with hemostatic drugs is injected into fat layer (so called "superwet" or "tumescent" method).

Below A is picture before tumescent method.  B is picture showed tumescent technique.  Using tumescent technique, blood loss caused by liposuction can be reduced dramatically.  The fat which can be sucked out in one section can be up to 3,000 ml.

Case 1: liposuction of hip and thigh.

Case 2: liposuction on lower abdomen.

Case 3: liposuction of arm.

Case 4: liposuction of circumferential thigh.

Case 5 : liposuction of abdomen and thigh in one section.

Case 6: liposuction on hip and thigh.

There are other technology other than liposuction machine.
(1) Laser lipolysis:
The laser is administered through a fiber threaded through microcannula. In surgery, laser light which can destroy fat cell is transmitted in light optical fiber. Fat would be "melt" by laser light. The destroyed fat could be sucked out by liposuction machine. The laser lipolysis takes time to process. For patients with thick fat, it is not effective than liposuction machine.
(2) Water jet:
In the process of water jet liposuction, massive fluid will be injected into fat layer than tumescent technique. The basic process is similar with liposuction machine. Dr. Jong thinks the result of liposuction is related with experience and technique, not related with the machine. Modern machine can lead to disaster if surgeon is not experienced to use the modern machine.
(3) Coolscupting or external ultrasound.
There is some non-invasive technique to reduce fat thickness. These machines reduce fat in some way, but the most effective way to reduce fat thickness in one section is iposuction.
  • Q: Is there large amount of fat on the face? Will I regain fat after liposuction?

    A: After liposuction, the patient will be advised to control body weight so as to keep the effect of liposuction. There is usually not a lot of fat on face. The more subcutaneous fat, the better the effect of liposuction.


    Q: Can I liposuction to a certain weight and then maintain my body? I'm 158 cm, 69 kg, and my lower body is overweight. I don't need to be very thin. I want to weigh about 56 kg!

    A: Liposuction is different from weight loss. The former is to improve local fat and the latter is to reduce whole body fat. It is dangerous if you want to reduce body weight by 13kg using liposuction operation.


    Q: Will I regain fat after liposuction? A friend of mine had gained weight after liposuction for one year. She had liposuction on thigh. After gaining weight, the fat on the untreated area became thicker.

    The second question is that after a few days of liposuction, I really can't walk normally? Do I have to lie in bed?


    A: Your questions are frequently asked about liposuction by patients who come to our clinic. Pain is everyone's fear. There are some techniques that can greatly reduce the pain after liposuction. For example, the liposuction tube should not be placed too deep during liposuction, so as not to affect the deep muscle tissue. Don't sew liposuction wounds, some blood can be discharged, and liposuction sites will not swell and bruise.

    It was said that two to three days of discomfort after surgery would be noted. Usually do not need to rest in bed. Liposuction is to draw deep fat. If the patient can lose some weight after the operation (some superficial fat can be reduced), the effect is the best.

    After liposuction, you generally do not regain fat if you keep your body weight. After your friend's weight becomes heavier, the treated thighs will not regain fat after liposuction, and the fat layer of other parts without liposuction may become thicker.




    Q: After delivery, my abdomen is thick, and there is a circle of fat on the belly. Can you treat my abdomen by liposuction?

    A: The problem of abdominal plastic surgery after delivery is a common problem in plastic surgery clinics. Its treatment method will be discussed with the patient according to the patient's abdominal condition, such as whether the patient is willing to accept the scars that may be left after tummy tuck surgery, liposuction is adequate or not, etc.



    Q: I had liposuction of the abdomen in other plastic surgery two years ago, but now I am thinner than before, but irregularity on my abdomen is more obvious than before. I don’t know if there is any treatment for that?

    I heard that ultrasound liposuction is less likely to cause surface irregularity. I wonder it is true? Is ultrasound still useful for my abdomen?

    A: The surface irregularities after liposuction can be corrected. Please come to my clinic to evaluate your condition. The use of ultrasound is also likely to have surface irregularities. It is not related to the liposuction machine, and is related to the experience of the surgeon and the patient’s condition before the operation.


    Q: My thighs and buttocks have striae around them. Will these striae still be there after liposuction?

    A: The cause of striae is that the fibers of the dermis layer of the skin have been broken when skin is expanded in obesity. Striae will remain after liposuction, but because the subcutaneous fat layer becomes thinner after liposuction, striae will become narrower after the skin contracts.


    Q: I have done thigh liposuction on my thighs before, but now I have a lot of fat in my buttocks. But the doctor said that the skin will loosen after the buttocks are liposuction. Is there a way to treat?

    A: Liposuction on buttocks might cause laxity of buttock skin The textbook recommended to keep 70% buttock fat. Fuller buttock is good for girls.


    Q: My breasts are a bit big. Is liposuction useful?

    A: When performing breast reduction with liposuction, the breasts may become smaller. But breasts might look sag. Liposuction is indicated when patient skin elasticity is good or a small amount of fat is liposuction.

    1. If needed, you can take painkillers, one capsule at a time, for wound pain. One capsule every 4-6 hours.
    2. Remove the nursing pad and gauze the next morning. If the wound is closed, no treatment is needed. If it is not closed, apply OK bandage on the wounds after applying iodine. If the wounds are all closed, you can take a bath.


    1. Two to three days after the operation, the liposuction site might be painful. At this time, rest as much as possible and move less, and the pain will gradually improve.


    1. There will be bruising at the liposuction site, and it will go away on its own after one to two weeks.


    1. Wear compression garment for 24 hours (unless garment is cleaned) and continue to wear them for three weeks.

            ※ You can choose to wear only 12 hours a day in the second and third weeks.

    1. The result of liposuction is usually stable until three months.


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