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Nd-YAG Laser has been used in the treatment of black spots on the skin, such as dark spots, tattoos, etc., for more than several decades.
One machine has two wavelengths of  532 nanometer(nm) and 1064 nm . Physicians can choose either of them according to the patient's skin condition . 

But basically the traditional Nd-YAG laser is a local treatment, which only treats the location of the dark spots, and will leave scabs after treatment (see the middle picture below). The scabs will be fall after one to two weeks, and the dark spots will be significantly improved. As shown below left. 

Nd-YAG laser is also a good laser for removing tattoos, eyeliners and eyebrows. As shown below.
Removing tattoos

Removing eyeliners

Removing  eyebrows

Superficial spots such as freckles, or deep spots such as Ota nevus can also be treated with Nd-YAG laser. .

The latest generation of Nd-YAG laser has adjusted the waveform and parameters of traditional laser.
In addition to retaining the traditional indications , full-face whitening without scabs can also be done. 
It is very suitable for office workers, and slowly improves the facial skin without affecting their work.  We call it "Clean skin laser" or Skin toning .Melasma is common spots on women's faces. If the above laser scab treatment is used, there is a high chance of hyperpigmentation after laser. By no-scab skin toning treatment, hyperpigmentation will not occur and melasma is improved gradually.

The above picture shows that after five sections of skin toning treatments (no scab after treatment, normal life at work), the complexion turns from dull to white, and the spots on the face also lighten a lot.

Q: What is the black doll laser?
Answer: Apply a medical-grade carbon before treatment (as shown below), and then use the laser skin heating mode (1064 nm with long wave ), which can stimulate skin collagen regeneration, shrink pores, tighten skin and smooth skin wrinkles, etc. (see picture below)

The interval of treatment with the above mentioned black doll laser is three weeks. If the laser is set to 1064 km and short wave after being coated with carbon, there is no heating function, but it has the effect of exfoliating and removing acne to achieve delicate skin and shiny face. If you do not apply carbon before treatment, it is called  white doll laser.

Q: What is melasma?

Answer: Melasma often occurs in women over the age of 30, and the most common sites are located on the cheeks, seemingly symmetrical dark spots. The cause of its formation is currently unknown, including ultraviolet stimulation, genetics, hormones, oral contraceptives, abnormal thyroid secretion and so on.
The treatment of melasma includes laser, skin resurfacing, light spot ointment, whitening products, etc., but due to the complex causes of melasma, it is apt to relapse. Rapid treatments, such as scab laser treatment, tend to be darker and worse.Laser toning treatment is used to slowly improve melasma and reduce the rate of recurrence .

  • 1. The treatment site will have a slight red or heat sensation similar to  the appearance of sun exposure for longer time. At this time, cool packing will help to improve the reaction after laser. They  will usually disappear in about 20 minutes to several hours.

    2. There will be slight itchiness after 3 to 5 days of treatment. This is the normal reaction . Please use skin moisturizing products.

  • Before Laser treatment:
    1)Do not use retinoid acid or drugs that may induce photosensitivity, or peeling since two weeks before laser treatment. Do not over  expose to sun light.
    2)If your skin is dry, laser treatment will make skin drier than before treatment. So that keeping skin moisture with creams is very important.

    During laser treatment:
    1. There will be a little tingling during laser treatment. If you are very sensitive to pain, please discuss  with your doctor beforehand.
    2. Do not open your eyes during laser treatment.

    Care after laser :
    1) In the first two days after laser, do not use skin care products that content alcohol or fruit acid. 
    2)Do not use exfoliating products for at least one week.
    3) Avoid make-up on the laser day.
    4)Because skin will be drier after laser , sun protection and moisture products are needed. 
    5) Acne may be noted in some patients. If acne occurs, we will prescribe acne drugs. 
    6)In a few patients, erythema or itching may be noted. We will prescribe some anti-itching skin drugs for you . 

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