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It is human nature to love beauty, but when thinking of the pain to be faced with surgery, some people will be discouraged. Now that medicine has progressed to the point of " conscious sedation", surgery has become an easy task.

The so-called "conscious sedation" is a surgery traditionally performed under local anesthesia, such as: double eyelids, eye bags, rhinoplasty, etc. After intravenous administration of sedative and analgesic drugs, patients can relax so that the operation proceed smoothly. In 1999, Dr. Marcus of Northwestern University in the United States has published a research report on 300 patients that "Conscious sedation" is a safe and effective anesthesia method. Careful screening of healthy patients, with the support of adequate equipment, performed by an plastic surgeon is a procedure without complications of anesthesia.

When doing “conscious sedation", we hope that patients cooperate with:

There is a six-hour fast before the operation, because a small number of patients will experience slight vomiting.

Since a small number of patients will experience dizziness or nausea after surgery, it is not advisable to drive or ride on their own after surgery.

Ms. Chen has made an appointment for double eyelid surgery, which is the simplest operation, but she started to be nervous the day before the operation, and even couldn't sleep well. It was still difficult to hide the tension on the day of the operation. We used the "Conscious sedation" method to let her sleep for a while and the operation was successfully completed.


Q: Am I awake or asleep during local anesthesia? Does the so-called conscious sedation take or inject medicine?

A: The patient is completely awake during the operation under local anesthesia. Of course, some people are very nervous at this time. Give the patient intravenous drugs (sedation and painkillers), and wait for the patient to fall asleep before injecting local anesthesia, the patient can easily expereince the operation

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