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Hair removal with insulated needle

 The currently developed laser hair removal machines are five kinds: Q-switched Ruby Laser、Alexandrite Laser、Diode laser、Nd:YAG laser、intense pulsed light.  Laser has the effect of prolonging the hair cycle and reducing the amount of hair. In some cases, the effect of laser hair removal was temporary. There was some limitation for laser hair removal.

In Japan, hair removal is quite popular. Dr. Kobayashi published the efficacy of the Japanese insulated hair removal needle on hair removal in medical journals in 1987, and it is widely used in medical institutions in Japan. How to perform hair removal with hair removal needles? Insert the hair removal needle into the hair follicle along the direction of the hair. When a weak current is introduced, the growth point of the hair (located in the deepest part of the hair follicle: hair bulb) will be destroyed to achieve the effect of  hair removal. Its unique insulation design can remove the hair root without damaging the surface skin, so it will not leave scars. Dr. Jong has gone to Japan to receive training of  hair removal in Japanese . The founder Dr. Kobayashi personally taught Dr. Jong the technique of " hair removal method". Dr. Jong is one of the few clinics in Taiwan that is capable of performing hair removal needle . Hair removal by needle is one by one to remove hair, which is time-consuming , but it is also a solid method to remove hair roots one by one.

Hair is a special structure of the body. There are so-called hair cycles: growth phase, regression phase, rest phase, etc. Hair removal has the best effect on growing hair, so  hair removal must be treated several times to clean the hair. In terms of axilla hair, the "hair removal needle" can reduce body odor at the same time, which can be said to be a double benefit. If your eyebrows are too thick, you must use a razor to shave your eyebrows for a long time. Using a hair removal needle can effectively solve your problems .



  • Upper left: The patient had her leg hair removal in a beauty saloon. But leg hairs became thicker and thicker.
    Upper right: The result of treatment in our clinic by hair removal needles. The picture is taken on 10 years. Leg hairs do not grow.

      Upper : pictures before armpit (axilla) hair removal. 

      Upper:  picture taken on 6 year after hair removal by needle. Hairs do not grow.

     Before armpit hair removal                   After hair removal

    Upper left: Before biniki line hair removal.
    Upper right: Six year after hair removal by needle. Hairs do not grow.

    Upper left: Before treating unwanted hairs on eyebrow.
    Upper right: After unwanted hair removal by needle for six years. She do not have to trim her eyebrow hairs. 

  • 1. When going home after hair removal, if there is swelling and discomfort in the hair removal area, you can apply ice packing on the area

    2. On the day of hair removal and the next day, do not apply hot packing, or soak the hair removal area in a  hot bath.

    3. Apply topical anti-inflammatory ointment twice in a day for 2-3 days.

    4. There may be red spots on the hair removal area, which will usually disappear on its own within a week to one month. Please do not worry.       When red spots occur, you should avoid direct sunlight (please use sunscreen)  to avoid melanin deposition.

    5. In the interval between hair removal and the next hair removal, please do not shave or do any kind of hair removal.
  • Q: Does it hurt when removing hair?
    A: When removing hair with hair removal needle, different methods will be used to reduce the discomfort of the patient in different parts of the hair. In the usual practice, local anesthesia injection is used when removing the armpit hair. Ice packing is used when removing unwanted hairs on legs. If the patient is very sensitive, you can also consider conscious sedation method ( intravenous general anesthesia). Applying topical anesthesia cream is useless for hair removal.

    Q: Can I shave before removing hair?
     A: To remove hair with a hair removal needle, the hair removal needle must be inserted follwoing the direction of the hair. If the hair is shaved, we can not see the direction of the hair. The hairs should be at least 0.2-0.3 cm long.

    Q: Can you do hair removal surgery if you have had apocrine gland surgery before?
     A: The operation of the apocrine gland is for body odor, which is different from hair removal (for hair follicles), but the apocrine gland and the hair follicle are located close to each other, so when removing the apocrine gland, part of the hair follicle will also be removed. So that hair number decreases after apocrine gland treatment. The current will also destroy part of the apocrine gland during hair removal with the hair removal needle, so when using the hair removal needle to remove hair, it can reduce part of the armpit odor.

    Q: How many times do I need to remove hair?
     A: Because of hair cycle, several sessions of treatment are needed. Generally, armpit hair is about four to six times, and leg hair may be six to eight times. Of course, it also depends on how clean the patients want.

    Q: What is the difference between hair removal needle and laser hair removal?
     A: It's difficult to make fine and delicate hair removal by laser because laser treats an area of hairs that are under laser probe. The hair removal needles treat hairs one by one, so needle can do eyebrow shaping, etc
     The bemefit of the hair removal needles are:
     (1) Local hair removal, such as armpit.
     (2) Delicate hair removal, such as eyebrow shaping.
     (3) Long-lasting hair removal is desired. However, for large-scale hair removal such as leg hair, you can also consider laser to remove part   of  the     hair, and then use a hair removal needle to treat the hairs that are left after laser.
     (4) It is not easy to remove fine hair by laser. But needle can treat fine hairs.
     (5) White hair cannot be removed by laser, but the hair removal needle can.
     (6) For people with dark skin or hair removal in darker parts such as the genitals, blisters may occur during hair removal with laser, causing         wounds or scars. But the hair removal needle does not have this complication.
     (7) The effect of laser hair removal varies from person to person, and the effect of different parts is also different, but the hair removal needle     can remove the hair as long as the patient has perseverance.

    Q: What is the range of the bikini line? Does it include the vulva? Has anyone done it? About how many courses are needed ? Is only your clinic currently doing this technology?
     A: Any hair can be removed with a hair removal needle, such as bikini line, vulva, and perineum. The skin color of these parts is darker. If you use laser to remove hair, it is easy to cause skin burns, causing blisters, or the laser dosage is lowered to prevent this complication, but the hair removal effect is not good. Some people tend to get hot and humid due to hairs in these areas, causing eczema. Bikini hair may affect sexual behavior. Hair removal usually takes four or five sessions of treatments. There are few clinics that are capable of needle in Taiwan.

    Q: Will there be scars or enlarged pores after removing hair with a hair removal needle?
     A: The hair removal needle will not leave scars or enlarge pores.

    Q: Hair re?emoval needles are same?
     A: There are many kinds of needle designs. The insulation deign of needle we use can protect skin , so that will not leave scars.

    Q:  The needle can be used on patients with keloid?
     A:Because of the insulation design, needle will not leave scar. So that needle is safe on patients with keloid. 

    Q: Are hair removal on beard also using local anesthesia to relieve pain?
     A: The method of anesthesia for hair removal will depend on
     (1) The thickness of the hair.
     (2) The location of the hair.
     (3) Number of hairs.
     (4) The patient's sensitivity and other factors .
     If it is to remove the beard, the other possible way is to do nerve block, which means hitting the anesthetic on the nerve.The upper lip will numb ,so that hair removal will not hurt.

    Q: Is there any way to permanently remove the excessively long hair on the female genitals?
    The current laser hair removal seems to have no way to treat the hair of the genitals, which will burn. I have seen on other websites that the hair removal needle is inserted into the root of the hair follicle in the direction of the hair, and the electricity is converted into heat to destroy the hair follicle. Hair removal must be done one by one, and when the hair removal needle is not well insulated and the insulation is not good, it will burn the skin surface to form blisters and even scars. Needle can indeed remove hair permanently, but the pain is greater, the risk is higher and it takes a long time, so most of them are operated by beauticians rather than physicians. Is it really dangerous? Do I need to trim it a few days before? Is it useless to insert a hair removal needle if the hair is not in the growth phase when it is first removed?

    A:Because the patient will be advised to inject some local anesthesia when doing hair removal on the genital area. Hair removal is a medical treatment, so hair removal should be performed in the clinic. Hair removal needles need to be trained and are not competent for general beauticians. When doing pubic hair removal, the hair should not be shaved. There is no risk for needle hair removal. The effect of hair removal during the rest phase will be decreased a little (the growth phase is 90% permanent hair removal, the rest phase is about 60% to 70%)

    Q: For a long time, I have always used a clip to pluck my leg hair one by one, but I also remove the hair root firmly one by one.Will the number of my hairs after such long-term hair plucking be reduced?  Is this the same as laser hair removal? In this way, I pluck out my hairs twice in a week . Why does it grow out?
     A: If the hair removal by plucking have effect of permanent hair removal, the medical profession will not need to spend much time to research and develop. Plucking just plucks out inanimate hair, but does not deal with the growth point of hair : hair bulb. So that hairs will grow again. Laser hair removal is to destroy hair follicles by laser light.  The hair removal needle is directly inserted into the hair follicle, and the hair follicle is destroyed with heat energy to achieve the effect of  destroying the hair follicle.


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