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Nipple Reduction   

During breast feeding, nipples may become longer or bigger caused by sucking of baby.  Nipples of some women are bigger due to congenital reason.  Big nipples are aesthetically not acceptable.  Nipple reduction is a minor surgery.  It is effective to reduce size and length of nipples.  The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.  Below pictures showed the procedure of nipple reduction.  Red area is the excised tissue.  Middle picture show the appearance after tissue excision.  Right picture showed the  appearance after sewing the wounds.  Scar is quite unnoticeable.  The operation reduces the height and diameter of nipples.

Nipple is a place where milk comes out.   Milk comes out from outlets of ducts which are located in the platform of nipple.  In the nipple reduction, few outlets might be sacrificed.  So that milk secretion might be reduced a little bit in future breast feeding.

Below showed the before and after pictures after surgery. 

Above picture showed the difference between before (left nipple) and after (right nipple) during the nipple reduction surgery.





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