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Aberrant breast
Aberrant breast, usually near axilla, causes distress to women, especially wearing bra. The tissue will bulge out of bra. Some women will feel pain or swelling on axilla when period comes.  
On Six weeks, human embryo shows linear ridges extending from axilla to inguinal area on both side of body (refer to below right picture).  The ridges usually vanish rapidly with growth of embryo, expect those on chest.  If the ridges do not vanish, aberrant breasts will be noticed.  Aberrant breast may be small or so big that be easily noticed.
The content of aberrant breast usually is fat.  So that liposuction is effective to treat aberrant breasts.  Sometimes harder glandular tissue may be found inside the aberrant breast.  In this circumstance, surgical excision of glandular tissue is needed.

The picture above shows the growth position of the second row of nipples.

Below left picture showed the before and after of axillary aberrant breasts treated with liposuction and excision of glandular tissue.

  • Q: I can see on the Internet that people are taught to use massage to eliminate accessory breasts. If it is not due to improper way of wearing of underwear but congenital breast breast tissue, can it also be eliminated by massage?
    A: It is impossible to remove the existing tissue by massage. Otherwise, you do not need to lose weight by diet. Just ask someone to massage.

     Q: May I ask if I have congenital accessory breasts ( I will feel swelling when menstruation  come)? Is it better to excise the mammary glands of the accessory breast? Will it grow again after resection? Grow again especially when I am pregnant?
    A: The structure of accessory breasts may be composed of fat or gland tissue. According to the experience of past cases, the structure of most of the accessory breasts is fat, so liposuction only can have a good effect, and the wounds of liposuction are very small.
    According to your description, you may have a mammary gland in accessory breasts. Making incisions around the nipple of the accessory breasts, I can remove the breast glands and nipple of accessory breasts at the same time.


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