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Gynecomastia is a common condition characterized by the benign enlargement of breast tissue in males.  It may occur transiently in newborns or adolescent boys.  Gynecomastia may cause psychological distress if enlarged breasts do not resolve.

Affected men dare not to expose their chest in public.  The way to treat gynecomastia is surgical intervention.

There are two components in enlarged breast.  One is breast glandular tissue which is hard.  The other is fat which is soft.  Liposuction is effective to remove the fat tissue.  Breast tissue has to be removed by a small incision on edge of areola.

Preoperative ultrasound examination reveals the proportion of breast glandular tissue in enlarged breast.  If volume of breast glandular tissue is minimal, liposuction without areolar incision is adequate to treat enlarged breast. 

Below cases showed the result of liposuction and glandular excision by areolar incision.


Below showed the result of liposuction to treat gynecomastia without areolar incision. 

  • Q: I heard that drain is needed after the operation. Is it true? Need to wear compression garment? How to judge whether your chest tissue is mainly composed of fat or breast? Is it okay to choose only one operation?
    A: The purpose of drain is to let some blood flow out and not to accumulate under the skin of the chest after surgery. Drain may decrease bruising and associated swelling. Drain will be placed if needed. .
    It is necessary to wear compression garment after surgery to decrease swelling. Recognizing the composition of the breast ( fat or breast tissue) will be done before surgery, including ultrasound examination. The composition of gynecomastia is related with the operation methods. .

    Q: It is said that when the breast is removed, the part below the areola cannot be removed, otherwise the blood cannot flow to the areola. The areola will turn black. But because the part is not removed, the areola part will be pointed. Is it right or not?
    A: The mammary glands under the areola must be kept. Too less the under-areola tissue removal the areola will be pointed. But if it is taken too much, areola will be depressed. Removing the tissue will not affect the blood circulation of the areola. The reason why the areola is a little bit darker after surgery is because the areola becomes smaller (the areola is enlarged by the breast before the operation, and the before areola color is lighter), which has nothing to do with blood circulation.


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