Dr. Lih-Ren Jong. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

>member of Taiwan Society of Plastic Surgery

>member of Taiwan Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

>member of American Society of Plastic Surgery

>member of American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

>member of Japan Society of Aesthetic Surgery


Left: picture with Dr. Kim, chairman of  Plastic Deparment of Hanyang University Hospital, Korea. Dr. Kim is the pioneer in calf reduction surgery.

Right: picture with Dr. McCathy, chairman of Plastic Department of NYU, USA. He is the chief editor of "Platic Surgery"- bible book in plastic surgery.

Left : picture with Dr. Boswick. chairman of Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta.
He is a world-wide known surgeon, specific in breast surgery.

Right: picture with Dr. Nahai, professor of Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta.
He is a world-wide known plastic surgeon.

Left: picture with Dr. Wakamatsu(right)-Professor of plastic surgery in Tokyo Woman's Medical Unversity and Dr. Nagumo(left)- director of Nagumo Clinic, specity in breast augmentation.

Right: picture with Dr. Kabayashi, pioneer in hair removal with insulated needle. 

Left Upper: picture with Dr. Ishii, director of Otsuka Clinic. They have many cases of suture double eyelid operation.

Right Upper: picture with Dr. Takasu, director of Takasu Clinics (There are many branches of Takasu clinics in Japan).

Left Lower: picture with Dr. Shirakabe. He is a famous surgeon, specific in Oriental face lift surgery.

Right Lower: picture with Dr. Shu. His specifity is in liposuction and fat injection.