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Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is a operation procedure to excise the loose abdominal skin or tighten the loose fascia of abdominal wall due to pregnancy or major weight loss.  The operation makes the abdomen more firm.

Most of women think the only cause of protruding abdomen is fat.  Thickness of fat can be estimated by pinch test.  After evaluation, cause of protruding tummy for women after pregnancy is loose skin, loose abdominal muscle (due to the stretching of abdominal wall during pregnancy) or thicker fat layer.  Liposuction operation treats the thicker fat through small wounds, but the other problems of abdomen are not treated.  Presently the most effective procedure to treat loose and hanging abdominal skin is skin excision.  Protruding tummy after pregnancy is usually associated loose muscle fascia.  Suture to tighten the loose muscle fascia is the most effective way to correct  the problem (shown in following picture).  Incision on lower abdomen is needed to perform the above procedure (skin excision, tightening muscle fascia), so that scar is unavoidable.

During consultation with surgeon, he will advice what kinds of surgical options can be considered.  Abdominoplasty is not indicated for women who might get pregnancy after abdominoplasty because abdomen might be protruded again.


  • Q: I want to do tummy tuck, will there be scar during the operation?
    A: There will be scar after the operation, but it is not obvious and well hidden in the underwear.

    Q: Is it possible to perform tummy tuck during cesarean section? Will it cause danger?
    A: Theoretically, the skin of the abdomen is in the most relaxed state during a cesarean section. If you do abdominal peeling at this time, you can remove more skin, but the wound of the skin is longer than the caesarean section. Does the patient accept it?
    No one can predict the extent of postpartum recovery. Some people recover quite well after birth. Is it unnecessary to do tummy tuck during labor?
    Only women who do not want to pregnancy again is indicated to have tummy tuck , otherwise, if they become pregnant later, the abdominal skin will get loose again.

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