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Poly-L-lactic acid, abbreviated as PLLA, (brand name is Sculptra) worked differently with fillers.  Sculptra is called as a stimulant.  After injecting into tissue, PLLA particles can stimulate the formation of collagen.  It causes the skin to thicken via collagen neo-synthesis, improves appearance of folds and sunken areas, and hides the fat loss.  Initial indication of Sculptra is the treatment of facial fat loss. 

It has been called a "liquid facelift" because adding volume to the malar and cheek areas lifts sagging areas of atrophic face.  Studies showed that effect of treatment lasted for two years.  Sculptra is not suitable to treat sunked area around eyes or lip.  The other way to treat facial fat loss is fat injection (refer to the article in our website: Cheek Augmentation).

During consultation, doctor will explain the pros and cons between fillers, fat or sculptra.

Below two case showed the pictures (right)  after Sculptra injection.

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